" Door " - Performance by Alex -

Video installation,

2 life-size screens that are shaped into a door

5 min. 50 sec. cycle

This is a double projection work.

For the installation work, I took image of the door from both sides of it.
Each camera recorded same actions of the door at the same time, so that I get two separate films which are perfectly synchronized each other.
The actual movement in the films is simple, a woman is opening the door, and going out or coming in from the door way. The action is repeated again and again.

I am interested in an idea of seeing "a thing" from different angles at one time, which is physically impossible for us. Especially like a door way, as soon as we go through it, we also come in to a next space. It somehow shows our perception with ambiguity.

The two images from both side of the door are projected on to the see through screens which are shaped into life-size door. Because these two screens are installed parallel and close to each other, two images from the projectors overlap on the screens, and we see combined images at once.

Finally, we see complexity of the images, and it leave us with ambiguity of perception visually and consciously.