Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s05

Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s1

Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s4

Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s3

Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s2

Kaori Nakayama video installation door_s5

" Door -swing- " - Performance by Alex -

Video installation,

2 life-size screens that are shaped into a door

5 min. 50 sec. cycle

This is a double projection work.

In the installation work, two images of a door are projected onto the two see-through screens.
The screens are shaped in a life-size door, and installed parallel to each other in a middle of space.

The films start with dark shadow, in which we can hardly recognize image on the screens. When the door is first opened, white light is coming through the door way, and the light of it shows existence of the door and space in the door frames on the screens.

In this work, I have paid more attention to a space in the door way and movements of light and shadow, unlike " Door " installation in which my attention was paid to see the images from both sides at once.

By projecting images of the door from both sides of the screens, the images of the door opening closing from both projectors overlap one another on the screens. Every time a woman opens the door, its bright light shapes the door way, and it reminds of us the space in it.

Because of the repetitive actions of door opening closing in the both films, the light from the doorway and the movement of door with the shadow make complex illusory space between the two screens.

The complexity of the image leave us with ambiguous space between the screens .